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A tag management system (TMS) is software that is leveraged to manage tracking tags used in digital marketing.

A tag is a short snippet of code, also called as pixel, that is added to a URL to collect data for analytics and digital marketing tools. These tags also collect unique visitor behavior information for your organization’s data collection and assist you to drive more trustworthy customer experience.

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Tag Assessment

Ensure the data accuracy and analyze highly engaged users by correcting and testing broken tags and marketing tags

Tag Maintenance

Reduce the clutter in maintaining multiple codes on websites, strengthen and maintain your existing tag implementation setup with minimal IT dependence

Tag Troubleshoot

Understanding Troubleshoot proactively and quickly fixing issues with Tag Management System by providing an ensuring and engaging experience

Tag Migration

Seamlessly migrate your codebase to a TMS or from one Tag Management Solution to another for better tag tracking

Tag Deployment

Evaluate and implement test marketing tags while ensuring that there is zero data loss and no tag is altered during deployment

Damco Digital’s

TMS Consulting

Why Tag Management?

Damco Digital’s Tag Management Consulting and Implementation Services empowered businesses to fully harness the power of marketing technology to reduce costs and improve website performance.

We delivery for diverse service offerings like:

  • Reduced Manual Efforts

TMS reduces manual efforts so that the audience targeting can be more holistic and accurate

  • Simplified Process

Managing and deploying the tags can now be achieved without the need of having coding expertise

  • Improved Website Performance

De-clutter your website by reducing the need of maintaining hundreds of JavaScript codes resulting in increasing the page load speed

  • Measurable performance

TMS provides measurable performance parameters, drives creation of measurable dashboards, test tags, and templates

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Customized Tag Management Integrations for Non-Profit Organization

Migrated Tags from old system to TMS for improved tracking

Insurance company was provided unified data capture and exchange