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Eloqua Professional Services

Eloqua Professional Services

Looking for an Oracle Eloqua Consultant?

Eloqua marketing automation software platform is considered to be most relevant for large companies within B2B or B2C which have long buyer’s journeys.

With the right Eloqua consultant, one can help businesses and marketers streamline engagement, drive profitability, personalize the customer experience, expose real-time insights to drive ROI, and boost conversions.

We Offer to Improve your ROI with our Platinum Services

Scaling Demand Generation

Optimize Eloqua marketing automation software campaigns to ensure demand generation that helps to lead the way in competition

Roadmap Implementation

End-to-end assistance in Eloqua implementation from initial set up to executing the campaigns

Nurture Programs

Prominent Eloqua service includes nurturing that allows you to track qualified sales leads and automate the content delivery

Email and Landing Pages

Eloqua CRM provides an Email and Landing Pages editor for an enhanced and responsive experience

Health check-ups & Audit

Eloqua CRM’s health check-up can put you right back on track and provide insights into Campaign proven practices

Lead Scoring & Engagement

Create a lead scoring model to nurture and engage your leads at all stages of the marketing funnel, from awareness to delight

Migration to Eloqua marketing automation software

Ensure successful migration from your current marketing automation platform using the top industry practices

A/B Testing & MVT Testing

Get your campaigns analyzed, drive conversion rates, and optimize the online customer experience with testing

Eloqua Integration

3rd Party Eloqua Integrations

Expertise in

Eloqua integration

to Multiple platforms

We at Damco Digital can be your Eloqua consultant to extend your team and help you set up or integrate Eloqua services with 3rd party platforms like:

  • Eloqua CRM integration
  • Eloqua Salesforce integration
  • Eloqua Adobe Analytics Integration
  • Eloqua and other CRM

Easy Eloqua integration provides support, financial system to nurture and convert the leads.

You can leverage our Eloqua expertise to streamline your current CRM or to migrate swiftly to Eloqua CRM.

Eloqua consultant

Planning to build an Extended Team? Hire

Eloqua Consultant

Success Comes In All Sizes

Measurable Customer Experience

Global navigation system provider achieved improved demand with our Eloqua services

Automotive Business Management leaders achieved seamless migration to Eloqua marketing automation software

Banking sector achieved beyond the ROI with lead scoring model and achieved advocacy

Global hi-tech brand revamps its customer strategy by enabling Marketing Automation

Leading Wealth Management in the US personalized customer engagement with Marketo to Salesforce integration

Healthcare improved the effectiveness by utilization of patient data for information