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Pain Points

Detailed Conversion Optimization Audit

Many-a-times website owners grapple with low conversion, poor quality leads, and frequent cart abandonment even after following a strategic approach to optimize the customer journey. We help you to identify the opportunity areas that are limiting your conversion potential. Beginning with Whys, we lead you to Hows of conversion optimization through our extensive experience in CRO Audit.

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Multiple Qualitative and Quantitative Checks

Conversion can be limited by several factors such as erroneous analysis of data to segment audience or develop target personas, poor UX design, broken links, complicated/obscure CTAs, etc. We address all such issues by Qualitative and Quantitative checks through experience in Web Analytics, User Experience Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Performance Marketing.

We map your customer journey and pin-point the exact flaws that are turning away the users. Our industry-wide experience in gauging issues through customer surveys, NPS scores, and heuristic evaluation helps us in collecting rich data concerning conversion limitation of the present website. We also provide you with a short-term and long-term plan to fix issues and develop a sustainable conversion model.

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A/B Testing Marketing

Comprehensive Testing of Web Pages

Our team can test the sets of CTAs, content, color palette, product images, and other UI elements to find what works better. We employ the multi-armed bandit algorithm that is an advanced A/B testing method in which machine learning algorithms are used to allocate more traffic to the set that performs better. It helps in testing the better performer with more variables and thus finding the best version quickly and easily. Some of the salient features of our Split Testing Services are:

  • Conducted by Marketers for Marketers
  • Preserves valuable Conversion while Testing
  • Faster identification of significant results
  • Round the Clock available SME consultation
  • Available for Magento, WordPress, Shopify, and more
  • User Journey analysis and mapping of critical touch points
  • Both Qualitative and Quantitative Variables
  • Led by Web Analysts and UX Experts

The Damco Digital Differentiators

Focus on ROI

Our Conversion Optimization approach is focused on ROI. Be it the placement of UI elements or the content structure, we pay special attention to revenue generating paths.

Proven Record

As a leading CRO Agency, our portfolio speaks for the expertise that we have garnered from working over 500+ projects– from planning to implementation.

Expert Consultants

Our team of CRO consultants plans Conversion Optimization after deep analysis of data from multiple source points. We offer the right blend of data-insights and creativity.

Comprehensive Solution

With experienced and professional workforce we execute each phase of Conversion Optimization to achieve both short and long term goals.