Damco Digital’s comprehensive, all-inclusive Product Marketing Services focus on providing customized marketing services from pre-launch, launch to post launch. Our extensive knowledge and encompassing experience of marketing software products help our clients build & implement strategic go to market. With our cost effective services, customers across the globe have been able retain their customers and successfully achieve their business goals.Our Product Marketing services include a wide range of offerings for powerful positioning of your product. Ensuring you have a stronger online presence than your competition, we carry out online branding, launch and promotions activity with greater care and vigor.

Product Marketing Strategy

Right product marketing strategy is never around the product, it’s about the problem product is solving. We work closely with your product, marketing, and sales teams in the trenches to create customized product strategy, defining the market segments, audience persona, pricing strategy and go to market plan.

Product Positioning

Whether you are developing a new product or wanting to revamp your product perception, our Product Positioning services will help buyers and users understand where a product ‘fits’ in terms what it offers, and how it compares with competing products. We cast the right spells and position your product like so that it develops a distinguishable product differentiation, adjusts to the customer needs and ensure seamless business.

Product Branding

Your branding is what makes you stand out. Our Product Branding services are designed to cover the entire spectrum of branding from developing brand strategy, designing Product Identity assets including Logo, Website, Email Signature, etc. to creating recognition.

Product Launch

Product launch is exciting yet critical. A successful product launch needs research, strategy and carefully crafted tactics. Our product launch services help you focus your energies in the right direction. Starting with the deep understanding of customer needs, beta users’ feedback analysis and selecting channels where your audience is actually active, we create and implement prelaunch and launch plan. We help you to conduct impactful product launch creating multi-channel visibility among your target audience with the right messaging.

Product Promotions

Product Marketing starts with the product launch and ongoing promotions are required to keep the momentum. We focus on organic improvement of the three pillars: Visibility, Relevance, and Authority. Our disruptive product promotion services ensure reaching out to a larger audience by employing exceptional Media buying and Planning skills, Content Marketing techniques, Digital Campaigns and Activation, SEO/SMO, and PPC Service. Our Product Promotion services are extendible to marketers and agencies to create intelligent digital media ecosystems, develop brand awareness across multiple digital channels and implement marketing operations.

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